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Peter Squires teaches across a wide range of areas in criminology and criminal justice including policing, crime and violence, gun crime and gun control, youth crime, anti-social behaviour, gangs.  Other areas include comparative and transcultural crime and justice, crime and history, he has given a wide range of invited presentations and special lectures, a few of which are hi-lighted below:

The Gun control Debate in the UK after Dunblane.  Presented at the American Society for Criminology Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado, November 2004.

Beyond the 4th of July:  Firearms and Self-Defence from a British perspective.  George Mason University Law School, Arlington/Washington DC.  October 2005.

Layers in the gun culture and policing gun crime,  Symposium on Firearms and Weaponisation,  York University, Toronto, Canada, 2006.

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