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Channel 4 Dispatches

Peter Squires, Professor of Criminology and Public Policy at the University of Brighton writes about how guns have infiltrated Britain and how that has affected crime and violence in the UK. View Program > THURSDAY 15 JULY 2010

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The Independent: ‘Why did he kill so many girls?’

The Independent The perpetrator in a school shooting usually acts based on some sort of grudge, but in this case none is obviously apparent. If police have not found any note or communication yet, they have to speculate about the motive. I suspect the core theme is his targeting of girls. He might have been

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York University: ‘Guns and gun crime are the topic of YCISS three-day workshop’

5/12/2008 “Guns, Crime and Social Order” is the title of the York Centre for International & Security Studies (YCISS) three-day workshop that will explore underground gun markets, gang violence, criminal networks and illicit markets. The workshop, a by-invitation-only event which takes place May 14-16 at York’s Keele campus, will involve scholars and researchers from the US, Europe,

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Criminology expert commended

27.10.08 Peter Squires, Professor of Criminology and Public Policy, has recently been awarded the status of Academician in the Academy of Social Sciences for his outstanding contribution in the field of criminology. The academy describes itself as the voice of the social science community in the UK and comprises a network of 500 individual Academicians

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“You can’t just stick up cameras and expect everything to change for the better.”

05 Oct 2011 “I think there is often a tendency in security technology procurement – and military procurement too – where the thinking starts with, ‘we’ve got this amazing new technology, what can we use it for?’. And certainly in the early days, people were commenting upon CCTV as ‘a cure looking for an illness’.

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Anti-Social Behaviour Policy – Driving fast, running on empty? by Professor Peter Squires

June 2008 We entered the 21st century with concerns about rowdy and anti-social youth. Moving towards the end of the decade, communities are panicking about youth weapon carrying and violence. Crime and disorder policies have been hotly debated in the UK recently – problems spring up quickly, action is demanded and very soon a government

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Turning down the noise and breaking down the wall of silence on gun crime

May 2008 A continuing problem in tackling gun crime in Britain has been the reluctance of victims to report it or witnesses to come forwards with evidence. The difficulties that the police had while investigating the Rhys Jones murder were not untypical. Fearing reprisal and the consequences of telling the police is often given as

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Guardian experts interview. Peter Squires: Straight Shooter

Chris Arnot talks to the media’s favourite expert about teenage gun crime and the culture of violence

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